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create the mess, embrace the chaos.

Do you want to sink deep into your creativity? To be inspired by Mallorca's nature? Do you want to set up a creative community in your bubble and are still looking for the HOW and WHERE? You also feel like a creative break on Mallorca - but want to travel in a professional but cool, chaotic but structured vacation where you don't have to worry about anything? WELCOME TO THE CREATIVE CHAOS CLUB!


Because it's always about everything and everyone, but never about you. And that can be different now!


welcome to the creative chaos club. It's time for your creative time-out!​

creative chaos club art retreat mallorca sunny meraki


I will accompany you photographically throughout the days, and there will also be a self-love photo shoot in the evening, with a beautiful sunset by the sea.

creative chaos club mallorca sunny meraki

sleep. stretch. create. dance. repeat.

Let's be creative. Be completely with us. Be together and have a cool time. We dance wild & free, do creative workshops & cool excursions, we are mindful and feel our bodies. While dancing, painting and stretching. 

creative Chaos club workshop mallorca

explore & chill

from painting on the beach to walking in the mountains. We discover the island and suddenly see so much more than there is because we are now thinking creatively. 

I have different concepts, but you can decide how you want to spend your days in the finca, and I organize everything. Let's make an appointment and start the countdown!

creative Chaos club workshop mallorca

Girls! come here!

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